Mpiled 10 strategies to help you cope. This article is adapted from heath's book, long-distance caregiving: a survival guide for far away caregivers. can you take viagra and viagra at the same time Tip no. 1: get organized keep track of important information in a care log. Tip no. where to buy cials and viagra online 2: identify your... meladze viagra youtube Read the 10 tips for long-distance alzheimer’s disease caregiving article >> because some causes of dementia can be cured or partially treated, it is very important that your doctor is thorough when making the diagnosis, so as not to miss potentially treatable conditions. The frequency of "treatable" causes of dementia is believed to be about 20%. What causes dementia? can you take viagra and viagra at the same time There are several situations that could cause dementia: diseases that cause degeneration or loss of nerve cells in the brain such as alzheimer's, parkinson's and huntington's. Diseases that affect blood vessels, such as stroke, which can cause a disorder known as multi-infarct dementia. Toxic reactions, like excessive alcohol or drug use. drug interactions beta blockers viagra Nutritional deficiencies, like vitamin b12 and folate deficiency. Infections that affect the brain and spinal cord, such as aids dementia complex and creutzfeldt-jakob disease. Certain types of hydrocephalus, an accumulation of fluid in the brain that can result from developmental abnormalities, infections, injury, or brain tumors. Head injury -- either a single severe head injury or chronic smaller injuries that often occur from boxing. Illnesses other than in the brain, such as kidney, liver, and lung diseases, can all lead to dementia. viagra without a doctor prescription Alzheimer's disease causes 50% to 60% of all dementias. But researchers have found that two nervous diseases, which were originally incorrectly diagnosed as alzheimer's, are emerging as major causes of dementia: lewy body disease and pick's disease. order viagra How common is dementia? Dementia caused by nervous system disease, especially alzheimer's disease, is increasing in frequency more than most other types of dementia. Some researchers suspect that as many as half of all people over 80 years old develop alzheimer's disease. Also, the increased incidence of aids dementia complex, which results from hiv infection, helps account for the increased dementia in recent history, although with the invention of newer and better drugs to treat hiv, the occurrence of aids-associated dementia is declining. 1 | 2 next page > webmd medical reference next article: what is dementia? Sundowning (sundown syndrome) what is alzheimer's? order viagra online Alzheimer's disease illustration is alzheimer's genetic? viagra how long till it kicks in Aluminum. buy viagra without prescription

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