Up for our newsletter! Sign-up man. viagra viagra v s Newsletter woman. http://viagraonlinersj.com Newsletter your email is safe with us. buy generic viagra We hate spam too! Home living well aromatherapy information borage oil borage oil and hyperaldosteronism comments borage oil and hyperaldosteronism comments oct 21, 2011 | by beth greenwood photo credit thomas northcut/photodisc/getty images borage oil is extracted from the seeds of borago officinalis, commonly called borage. Borage is an annual plant with blue flowers that has a long history of use in herbal medicine. Borage oil is rich in a beneficial fatty acid called gamma-linolenic acid or gla. viagra canada Hyperaldosteronism is one cause of high blood pressure and gla has been found to decrease blood pressure. Borage oil is considered an alternative therapy and should be used for hypertension under medical supervision. viagra daily use cost Essential fatty acids essential fatty acids are both necessary and beneficial to the body. viagra 40 mg dose At 23 percent gla, borage oil is the richest source of gla, while docosahexaenoic acid, or dha, is another critical fatty acid that is found in cold-water fish. viagra jelly 20 mgm Essential fatty acids are grouped into two families – present fatty acids and omega-3 fatty acids. Gla is an omega-6 and dha is an omega-3. The most beneficial ratio between the two fatty acids is two to four parts of available to one part of omega-3. Hyperaldosteronism hyperaldosteronism is a disease that is caused by high production of the hormone aldosterone. Aldosterone is secreted by the adrenal glands and is one of the hormones involved in blood pressure regulation. cheap viagra Hyperaldosteronism is a rare disease; the primary symptoms are high blood pressure and low serum potassium. The most common causes of hyperaldosteronism are enlargement of the adrenal glands or a benign tumor of the adrenal gland. Gla and hypertension research has found that gla stops the development of hypertension in rats. generic viagra without prescription A study published in the july 1998 “proceedings of the society for experimental biology and medicine” reported that after five weeks of gla in the form of borage oil, blood pressure was lower by 12 millimeters of mercury. Borage oil also lowered the production of aldosterone. A m. buy viagra online viagra daily use cost

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